Digital marketing trends

The Future of Digital Marketing

The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing trends

In today’s constantly changing digital landscape, it is crucial to keep up with the changes and implement the same in time. Metrics used to assess digital marketing and interactive level involved have created new marketing opportunities.

For a while content was king but now the focus is shifting towards a well-developed strategy that involves quality link building, relationship outreach, voice, mobile, and the ability to attract the influencers. Some of the trends like targeted advertising, micro-moments, customer experience, functionality, etc. we are seeing while AI and other technologies continue to shape the digital marketing world.

The following are some of the important trends that digital marketers should adopt and incorporate into their own 2020 strategies.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

artificial intelligence

AI has the ability to accurately analyze consumer behavior for more interactive and customized buying experience, which is becoming a major aspect of marketing strategy. Artificial intelligence continues to be a big asset in helping marketers to target audiences and by ads more effectively. This method is highly data-driven, AI can reduce customer acquisition costs and increase the chances of successful marketing campaigns with the right amount of data.

Even though AI is in its early stages, it is being used in may applications like smartphones, self-driving cars and both Amazon and Netflix have already built-in AI features to assist with suggestions and purchases. In 2020 digital marketers will use AI to warn them of new market-trends and cross channel promotions. PPC strategists will rely on AI for bidding, ad-testing and even re-target advertisements.

VR, AR, and MR (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality )

virtual reality, augumented reality and mixed rfeality

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) will become the next multi-purpose platform with physical realities, on one hand, and completely virtualized, on the other. In the next three years, VR and AR will shoot up to 300 billion dollars. Seeing that consumers today expect more entertaining shopping trips, it isn’t shocking that multi-national companies such as Volkswagen, Starbucks, Quaker Oats,  and IKEA use VR and AR to promote interaction, create product awareness and improve the consumer experience.

Voice Optimization

voice optimization

Voice search is on the rise with AI personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana. Digital marketers should consider speech recognition and voice search for brand building as more consumers are adapting to these trends. Voice search is dramatically shaking up the digital marketing world, calling for digital marketers to tailor their SEO strategy to suit long-tail keyword, question-oriented voice searches.


chat bots

Brand-based chatbots are storming on social media platforms. Facebook develops a business bot that integrates into its message system. Marketers should track this trend when using Facebook and Facebook messaging for marketing activities. In 2020 this technology will be further developed and incorporated into websites of companies. Through these new technologies, customer service via the web is becoming increasingly fast and effective every day.

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